Meet Sula

Sometimes "Bigger is Better". But not in the case of Sula Wok. Family owned & operated allows for a level of care that just cannot be attained in other environments. Over the last five years, beginning with the construction of our building to the opening of our doors, we have not only learned so many of your names but we have also learned so much about you. Sula's food has been a bridge to building a more complete community. 

Those of you who have visited Sula Wok with any frequency will likely have witnessed the joys & struggles we experience on a daily basis. Not only are we owner operators, but in true Asian style, we also live above the restaurant. So there really is no escape. No doubt you will also have seen three growing children with hearts and minds that will inevitably be shaped by this lifestyle unique to our family.


Meet the Family

Yak Cafe - Second Floor - Sula - Andrew - Kai Su.jpg

For those of you who didn't know, Sula Wok is not our first kick at the proverbial "restaurant can". Hard to believe fifteen years have passed since we owned the Yak Cafe in Yangshuo, China. Lucky, we lived above the restaurant there as well, as we not only offered lunch & dinner, but breakfast too!

Early Days