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Sula Wok Uses a combination of Packaging Materials

Heated Items are served in "Friendlier" Packaging which allows our customers to return containers to be washed & sanitized by the distributor. Containers are then returned to Sula Wok to be used Again.

What About the Planet?

No easy answers. but one step at a time, Sula Wok aspires to learn & implement best practices to shrink our environmental footprint.


Unheated items are served in sugarcane compostable containers & consumed with compostable utensils

Sula Wok uses Paper Bags

Sula Wok believes in & Practices waste diversion

The black, blue and green bins are used well and In the end, very little of what comes into the restaurant goes out to the garbage. 

Sula Wok be loving the composter

Every Year Thousands of pounds of vegetable & Fruit peels are devoured by our rooftop composting system, requiring no further outside resources than climbing 73 stairs to reach its final resting place.

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