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 Summer Mornings

Frequently when starting a new life, an old life is left behind. Holding on to some parts of the past is what helps make the new life more complete. Sula grew up part of a farming family in a rural community outside Yangshuo, China. 

Planting, watering, pruning & harvesting are in her blood.

Declaring Victory

Part of the Sula Wok dream was to create a rooftop garden that would not only help feed Sula Wok customers but also feed Sula's roots, re connecting her to her history. 

Sula's Garden lives 40 feet above the restaurant and spans the 175-foot perimeter of the building. The growing season begins long before the snow disappears as little seeds are planted and strategically positioned throughout the house for optimal sunshine.

Harvest Time

The growing season will never be long enough in our northern climate, regardless Sula is an inspiration as she does what many dream, but only few actually do.

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