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Coconut Curry in mangowood bowl

Coconut Curry

Thick Fragrant Sauce & Veggies with Chicken or Tofu


Sweet & Sticky Pineapple Rice in mangowood bowl

Sticky Pineapple

Puffed Tofu or Chicken, Pineapple Cubes, Tomato & lots of Sticky Sweetness.


Thai Lemongrass rice in mangowood bowl

Thai Lemongrass

Bamboo Strips, Minced Lemongrass & Thai Basil with an array of other veggies.

Pick Your Protein.


Yangshuo Eggplant rice in mangowood bowl

Yangshuo Eggplant

Featuring Green Beans, Thai Basil along with many other veggies. Traditionally Spicy with Ground Pork but can be offered mild with other proteins.


Sichuan peanut rice bowl in mangowood bowl

Sichuan Peanut

Salty Sichuan Seasoned Stir Fry

Topped with Crunchy

Toasted Whole Peanuts

Choose Chicken or Tofu


Cashew nut rice in mangowood bowl

Cashew Nut

Rich Nutty Cashew Flavour.

Pick Your Protein


Hui Guo Rou rice in mangowood bowl

Hui Guo Rou

Not Just Once, But Twice Cooked Succulent Pork Belly.



Chicken Balls (Kids)

Looking for a really kid friendly option?

Chicken Balls only if they eat the broccoli on a bed of Jasmine Rice.

(Choice of Sauce)


Cumin spice rice in mangowood bowl

Cumin Spice

Western Asian Spice either Mild or Spicy with lots of Veggies


Pad Kra Pao rice in mangowood bowl

Pad Kra Pao

Green Beans, Thai Basil

& Plenty of Other Veggies.

Traditionally Spicy with Ground Pork


Broccoli Forest rice in mangowood bowl

Broccoli Forest

A Rain Forest of Greens with a sprinkle of other bright colors. 

Pick Your Protein


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