Don't be fooled. You won't be left hungry.

Yum Nua Spicy Beef or


Dumpling Jungle 

Spicy Cucumber Salad

Thai style thinly sliced steak tossed with cool crispy veggies & peanuts marinated with the usual suspects of Asian dressings.


Nuclear dumpling family nestled in cauliflower rice, zucchini & tofu noodles with avocado dressing.


Smashed cucumber chunks drenched in spicy sichuan dried red chili & vinegar.


Hanoi Style Vermicelli

Chicken and Friends

Sweet Pot & Lentil Curry

Chilled vermicelli noodle, mixed greens, spring rolls, with sweet chili lime dressing & peanuts. Choose BBQ pork, tofu, or (shrimp add $1.50)


Sweet chilli roasted chicken chillin' with mixed greens & bite sized chunks of fruit.


Melt in your mouth legumes over red rice encounter tangy slaw & roasted sweet potato cubes.


Spicy Green Papaya


Happy Bald Fat Man

Far East Falafel Salad

Thai sidewalk vendor style with green beans, cherry tomato, peanut & lime.


Crispy falafel balls, mixed greens, cherry tomato, taro strips with pineapple salsa.


Balanced bowl of health & happiness including zucchini noodles, mixed greens, roasted tofu & eclectic seeds.